Maya Digital Studio offers a range of photographic services and exceptional cinematography in full HD to capture your most important and most valuable moments.

By merging our technical skills and our rich cultural background, we offer world-class images. Alejandro Medina, our master photographer and videographer of choice is a born artist, having spent his life developing his methods and creative talents after obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts. His learning is continuously evolving by constantly pushing his creativity to new heights. Maya Media Studio is all about personalized service, focused on a multitude of important details when it comes to delivering a specific message to your target audience.

When you entrust your pictures and corporate videos to Maya, you can count on a team that understands your needs, treats the subject with high accuracy and manages to pass on the message clearly and accurately while maintaining the flavor and the desired flavour of the moment. We work skilfully with artists, extras, in public and private places, furnished rooms and other stage settings as per your project. Our expertise in art direction is at hand, but we are also quite comfortable working according to your artistic direction, your storyboards and overall vision of the project.

Wedding photographers you say? Think again … A tour of our corporate achievements and you’ll be quickly convinced of our talent and our creative know-how. After all, we’re experts when it comes to events, people and ever changing motion.

Maya records with your business and corporate needs at heart. We are passionate about our work, we understand all of the important aspects to be captured in a photo shoot or a corporate filming situation.

After all, we are not at our first experience with customers having high demands or renown agencies with pre-determined game plans. Armed with cutting edge HD equipment, our passion and expertise are always there for you when working towards the success of your project.

Trusting Maya to produce high quality content is your best option, offering competitive prices, professionalism and timely execution.

We are a professional service firm, specializing in videography and photography for all kinds of business projects, including events, commercials, company presentations, fashion projects and other needs related to business commercial or social media use. Maya Media Studio calibrates and processes all of your photos and captures all video sequences flawlessly, delivering high caliber edited video productions on multiple platforms, ready for distribution.


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  • Business Events
  • On site shooting/filming
  • TV Commercials
  • Video Capsules
  • Fashion Photography
  • Employee Portraits, Management, etc.
  • Social Media Broadcast Content
  • Digital Photos, High Resolution 24MP
  • HD Videos 1080p / 60fps


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